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The Haruki Project

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I'm a college student at Auburn University. War Eagle! If you don't like that, tough. I have a rather strange sense of humor, so if you don't understand some of what I say, don't feel lonely. After several aborted attempts at finding a way to tell a long-running story that has been playing in my head for the last 8 years, I'm now attempting to put it into novel form. My username is the unofficial codename for that story. I enjoy breaking the fourth wall, hiding in cardboard boxes(just kidding), and writing as though I were actually talking to the person reading. On that note...

Hey, you! Yes, you! Third person from the left in the computer lab! Did I catch you laughing at me? You think you can do any better, Mr. I Could So Do A Better Livejournal Than This, I Just Don't Feel Like It? Hey, I see you trying to click that back button! Don't you do it! Hey! Hey!

Well, he left. Where was I? Wait, nevermind, that was it. Later.